The playball programme is a fun and active opportunity for engaging children in physical activity at a young age. Through our scientifically researched curriculum, Playball classes provide a fantastic platform for enhancing life skills and building a solid base for sport participation at an age-appropriate level.

Through weekly sports and movement sessions children engage in high energy activities and exciting sport related skills. The programmes are available for children aged 2 – 9 years of age, and progress from simple sport introduction classes to mini-sport academies. We aim to nurture a love for sport and enjoyment in taking part in physical activity. A wide range of sport related skills and tasks are on offer.

With skills pitched at the correct developmental level for each age group, children progress quickly from simple to more complex activities and move through the beginner phase, onto intermediate and finish with the advanced stage of each programme.

Runs on: Friday afternoons, class prices £7.50 per class.

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Contact Brenton Gage the Playball Coach
Mobile 07545 904852


TWO CAN DO ( 2-3 Years)

The two can do programme concentrates on laying the basic foundation of movement in order to enable the children to accomplish more challenging sport-related skills later. 2’s still need to become aware of the wonderful things their bodies can do and needs lots of practice in basic building blocks like locomotion, balance, body & spatial awareness, muscle strengthening and fine motor skills.

Maximum 6 to a class – Duration 30min

WATCH ME @ 3 (3-4 Years)

The Watch me @ 3 programme emphasises on having fun so that the child’s first introduction to sports is a happy and positive one. The programme builds on from the two can two programme and focuses on teaching the skills in isolation. E.g. throw a ball, catch a ball, kick a ball and hit a ball. It is also designed to develop confidence and enjoyment in participating in group activities.

Maximum 8 to a class – Duration 45min

DINKIES (4-5 Years)

The Dinkies program gives the children the opportunity to practice the skills more rigorously thus developing competence in sports skills. Its also introduces skill sequences. e.g. run & bounce a ball, jump and chest pass a ball. This is a very challenging program introducing a wide variety of sports e.g. football, hockey, volley ball, athletics, rugby, basketball, netball & much more.

Maximum 8 to a class – Duration 45min

PREPS (5-6 Years)

The Preps programme covers the more demanding ball skills, as it is essential that the necessary base be laid for the seven popular sports that will be covered in the child’s schooling environment. For this reason there are a number of exercises that include partner work to provide the children with an introduction to team work. Development of decision-making in a game situation is practised.

Maximum 8 to a class – Duration 45min


The small camps cater for a mixture of ages from 3-8, are gender agnostic and provide your children with a concentrated period of activity and social interaction, with a high emphasis on having fun!

The duration is 3/4 hours per day, from 9-1pm or 10-1pm, so why not take the opportunity to have lunch with your friends, do that bit of shopping or simply enjoy some time to yourself

Time:                           09:00 to 13:00  or  10:00 to 13:00

Dates:                          Watch this space for summer dates

Prices per day             10am start: 1@ £20,  2 @ £36,  3 @ £54   4 @ £70  5 @ £90

What to bring:
Bring packed lunch, juice and water. Please ensure your child/ren wear comfortable clothingand trainers. Label all belongings.